Implementation of our Edutainment Method

Stories, demonstrations, experiments and fun

We have succeeded in engaging students and introducing them to principles of math and science through stories and experiments. Every Young Engineers lesson begins with theoretical explanations and experiments proving relevant scientific principles (about 10-15 minutes of the lesson’s duration).

The following video is an example of how we demonstrate a scientific principle. This experiment proves centrifugal force to our students.

The experiments help the students to understand the concept of centrifugal force and the ways it affects the physical world. After these experiments and demonstrations, the students continue to the hands-on stage of the lesson. They build a model that demonstrates scientific principles that they just witnessed. Each meeting teaches a different scientific principle and each student then builds a different model to represent that new topic.

The following video is an example of the carousel LEGO® model that the Young Engineers’ participants built in the class experiment presenting centrifugal force.